The Art of Photographing Food – Dave Peckham

A new genre for many of the club, Dave Peckham, came to give a talk on photographing food.

He started by informing us the photography is the easy bit! It is the stylist that does all the work. In London, for a commercial shoot there would be a photographer and a stylist that would work together to get the required shots. Dave however, is from Dorset not London, so he puts it all together, styling and photographing the whole image for the client as required.

With a full set of images to show us, Dave showed how he works, using simple lighting, reflectors and daylight as necessary. His images are often for publications, so he has to consider where text may go and will do various shots to present to his clients. It was interesting to see how the shots are built up, from the initial test shot – to the plate – to the accessories and then the food being added last.

After the break, Dave went on to show us his other work, this is as an editor for BIPP photographers. I don’t think I was the only one in the audience to be quite shocked that these photographers gain qualifications without actually having to edit their own photographs. We were equally shocked that images we would have deleted for being a poor standard would be edited into something to use.

Rachel Cooper

I have been a club member for several years now and find I learn something whichever club event I attend. I enjoy the Studio Group evenings, but equally am happy photographing whatever the surroundings provide at home and out and about.

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