Success in “Photography News” competition for club member

Blandford Camera Club member Colin Sansom went on the Photo24 Challenge that was run in association with Fujifilm in London on Friday 29th June. He was one of 10 lucky people that got a place on the South Bank Walk,  “The Technique of Street Photography”, run by Brian Lloyd Docket, which Colin said was very instructive.

After the event you could enter two competitions to win £1500.00 of camera equipment. Best Street Image and Best London Scene. You could submit 6 photos in each competition.

One of his pictures in the Best Street Image made the top 12 out of over 1000 entries. He did not win but his picture was featured with the other top 12 in Issue 58.  It was a shame they spelt his name wrong, Colin Samson!

Below is the write up he sent in about the image, although not all was printed.

I’d just finished the South Bank walk with Brian Lloyd Docket, and he inspired me to get this shot from a balcony on The National Theatre building. I like the angles and the bright yellow jumper against the grey backdrop.

The camera was a Fujifilm XT2

Lens Fujifilm XF35mm F2  R WR

1/5000Sec at F8

You can see the image in the latest Photography News No58 at Photography News where you will have to login to view the magazine OR Eric will have copies of the magazine when we return to the club next week.

Marilyn Peddle

I have been interested in photography for a number of years, I dabbled a little in processing my own B&W images and slides in the 70′s but work and life took over. I then took it up again with the advent of digital images and I had a number of cameras in that time as the technology improved and now I have a Canon 7D with a selection of kit.

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