SCPF Print League and SAPA League

Three rounds of the SCPF Print League have now taken place.  Following a 3rd place in the first round and a joint fourth in the second, a first place in the 3rd round sees Blandford currently at the top of the league.  There are four more rounds to go, with the last round being hosted by Blandford in February.

The first SAPA League match was held at Parkstone on Wednesday and I am pleased to report that Blandford won.

DPIs – Parkstone 76.5 points, Blandford 80 points.  One 10 was awarded to Glynis’ Li River Raft.

Prints – Parkstone 77.5 points, Blandford 84 points.  Ten points were awarded to Marilyn’s Netmead Dawn, Colin’s Splash and Grab and Sally’s Helenium Trio.

I will update the summary score sheet when I have the full results.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly allowed us to enter their images in these competitions and to the selection panel for doing such a good job.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.








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