SAPA League first match against Wimborne

The first round of the SAPA League was held at Wimborne Camera Club on Monday evening.  The judge was Mr Sid Jones.  Each club submitted 12 prints and 12 digital images for his consideration, with the best 9 scores counting towards the overall total.

The scores for the prints were 76.5 for Wimborne and 81.5 for Blandford and for the PDIs Wimborne 80.5 and Blandford 81, so Blandford won the evening overall.

A good start to the season and thank you and well done to members who allowed the club to submit their images.

Highest scorers for the club were


10 points each for Contemplation and Lighting the Lighthouse.

9.5 points for Territorial Dispute

9 points each for Flying, At Porlock Weir and down and Out


10 points each for Flying in the Slightly Abstract, Unwanted Attention and Mara Leopard

9.5 points for Polly in the Woods

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