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I must apologise that I have not been posting on the website as regularly as I should have done.

SAPA League – Blandford won both their away and home legs, both Prints and PDIs, so are through to the final at Wareham on 19 March.

The scores against Kinson on 12 February were Prints – Blandford 84.5 and Kinson 78.  PDIs Blandford 84.5 and Kinson 78.


Top scorers for Blandford were

Prints – 10s for Colin’s Territorial Dispute, Ian’s Contemplation and Graham’s Working the Night Shift

9.5 for Rachel’s Down and Out

9s for Marilyn’s Poppy Sunrise and Old Barn Bere Marsh, Sally’s Flying and Hellebores, Graham’s Lighting the Lighthouse

PDIs 10s for Glynis’ Flying in the Slightly Abstract, Marilyn’s Cloud Inversion, Jean’s Mara Leopard, Colin’s The Exterminator

9.5 for Glynis’ Antony Gormley Sound II

9s for Jean’s Unwanted Attention and Pat’s What Time Is It

Mixed fortunes with the Southern Counties Photographic Federation Leagues.

After extremely good results at the start of the season in the print league, making it look as though the club was likely to be promoted, possibly from first in the league, it was found, fairly late in the competition, that one of the prints was in a slightly oversized mount.  The club has, therefore, had to forfeit the points for this image.  The club is consequently looking like finishing in 6th place this season.  I can only apologise for this oversight, as we had no issues with mount sizes last season, I had not anticipated any problems this season.  Please be assured that all mount sizes will be thoroughly checked in the future.

The PDI league has proved something of a mixed bag and the club has finished in 4th place.  At the round hosted by the club, it became apparent that some of the images had been incorrectly sized when the SCPF software had converted them.  This may have affected the marks awarded to some of our images, but we cannot say for sure as we do not know how many clubs project at the dimensions that were affected.  Again, this was not an issue last season, but I will check the sizes of the PDIs next season as soon as they are available.

I will post a summary results sheet shortly.  Also password protected posts of the selections made for the SAPA League Final and the Fordingbridge Challenge in due course.

Thank you to all members who have submitted images for the selection panel to consider and congratulations to all those whose images have been used in competitions.



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