Exhibition 2019

The Blandford Forum Camera Club Annual Exhibition for 2019 was held in the Corn Exchange, Blandford Forum on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May. John Tilsley ARPS, APAGB, DPAGB was invited from Dorchester Camera Club to judge our exhibition which took place in the Blandford Camera clubhouse in 13th April 2019.

This year it is Blandford Forum Camera club’s 63rdAnnual Exhibition and the quality and entrants were as strong as ever, although there have been many changes in the photography world. The main one being digital and mobile phone cameras, the quality and creativeness that can be obtained from these cameras today is amazing; the enthusiasm remains the same, we are all looking for that special image.

The certificates and cups were awarded to the winners on Sunday 26th May at the exhibition by the recently elected Mayor Councillor  Lynn Lindsay with her consort, Cathy McIver. We would like to thank the Mayor for presenting the cups and certificates.

LR- Mayor Cllr. Lynn Lindsay, Cathy McIver (Mayor’s consort) Geoff Killer (Chairman) Norman Carey (President) Stephanie Selwyn (Committee), Dave Butler

Visitors’ Choice

As always visitors were asked to vote for their favourite print from the club prints on show, whether in colour or monochrome. The votes were counted before the presentation and the print voted the visitor’s favourite this year was by Colin Cross called “This is my Territory” to which he was awarded the Esme Butler cup for the  BFCC 2019 Exhibition, well done to him.

Esme’s husband Dave was kind enough to present the cup to Colin and he also read some photography quotes, we thank Dave for taking the time to come along.

Colin Cross receiving the Esme Butler Cup from Dave Butler.
Colin Cross receiving the Esme Butler Cup from Dave Butler.
This is my Territory - Winner of the Esme Butler Cup - Colin Cross
This is my Territory – Winner of the Esme Butler Cup – Colin Cross

Link to BFCC Exhibition Catalogue for 2019


Exhibition 2019 Club Entry Winners List

Gallery of Club winners and images

Club Colour

1st         Dahlia and Bud                         Sally Chaloner

2nd        Vale Dawn                                Marilyn Peddle LRPS

3rd        This is My Territory                   Colin Cross

Highly Commended

Dunstanburgh Castle                 Graham Hutton LRPS, CPAGB

Watching the Sunset                 Graham Hutton LRPS, CPAGB


 Is Anybody Looking?              Dave Chaloner

Fish Supper                               Colin Cross

Poppy Dawn                             Marilyn Peddle LRPS

Club Mono

1st        Winter Evening, Bath                MarilynPeddle LRPS

2nd        Gerbera                                    Sally Chaloner

3rd        Just a Glance                             Colin Cross

Highly Commended

My Best Friend                          Colin Cross


Horse Tail Plait                          Jean Bartlett LRPS

Hand in Hand                            Colin Sansom

Dr Davies

1st        Wet day in Winter, Bath       Marilyn Peddle LRPS

2nd        All Ears & Rose & Pods         Sally Chaloner

3rd        Classic Cocktails, Lovely Bubbly Delicious Digestifs          Rachel Cooper

Highly Commended

 Tuk Tuk, Girl, Workmen In the Rain         Cornelius Cornes


1st        Stour Summer 1, 2 & 3      Marilyn Peddle LRPS

2nd        Steam on The Harz 1, 2 & 3       Malcolm Bowditch

3rd        In The Shadow 1, 2 & 3              Colin Sansom


1st        Out of the Darkness                  Jean Bartlett LRPS

2nd        Concentration                           Colin Cross

3rd        On a Cold and Frosty Morning   Colin Cross

Highly Commended

Frosty Stour Dawn                    Marilyn Peddle LRPS

 I Only Came Third                     Stephanie Selwyn LRPS


Got One!                                  Colin Cross

Our Sewing Circle                      Eric Langley


Exhibition 2019 Open Entry Winners List

Gallery of Open winners and images


1st    Looking Back                             Phil Clegg LRPS

2nd  Riley DM Roadster                    Bill Aven LRPS, DPAGB, APAGB 

3rd  Necking                                       Norman Wiles LRPS, DPAGB


Highly Commended

The Twilight Tornado                      Alan Bevis

Tap and Frog                                     Norman Wiles LRPS, DPAGB

Eiffel Tower.                                      Bill Aven LRPS,DPAGB,APAGB


The Engine Driver                            Alan Bevis

Nice Weather for Ducks                  Malcolm Bowditch


1st    All Fluffed Up                              Mike Moores

2nd  The Water Carrier                      Norman Wiles LRPS, DPAGB

3rd  Jet-Ski Gymnastics                     Alan Bevis

Highly Commended

Working Hard                                       Alan Bevis

Cornet Player                                        Ron Holmes ARPS

Are You Listening?                               Norman Wiles LRPS, DPAGB


It’s Cold Out Here                                David Chaloner

Pastel Poppy                                         Sally Chaloner

Shaggy Inkcaps                                     Carol Wiles ARPS, CPAGB


1st   Heading for Cover                         Chris Thorpe

2nd  Mayfly at Rest                                Stan Maddams LRPS, CPAGB, BPE1*

3rd   Open Flower                                  Ron Holmes ARPS

Highly Commended

Looking Back                                       Tony Foskett

Arctic Norway                                      Ann Kennedy


The Contrary Bride                             Reg Clark LRPS BPE2*

Alice                                                        Dee Maddams LRPS, CPAGB, BPE1*

Open Triptych Cup

1st   Egrets 1

        Egrets 2                            Mike Moores

        Egrets 3

2nd  Mel-an Tor                    Bill Aven LRPS, DPAGB, APAGB

3rd   Man With Beard and Hat

        Man With Beard and Raven                 Stephanie Selwyn LRPS

        Man with Beard and Truck

BFCC Exhibition catalogue 2019

The catalogue can be viewed in two ways:

EITHER you can view it as a Flash booklet link via the internet
BFCC Exhibition catalogue 2019 where you are able to flip through the pages like a book. Click on the bottom left of the page to turn the pages or use the arrows at the bottom of the booklet page.

OR you can read online or download an Adobe Acrobat pdf_logo version of the catalogue with the following link – BFCC Exhibition catalogue 2019 [3MB]

Here is a list of all the results from the various Club sections and a link to the gallery of presentation of awards for placed images and a gallery of the images.