Weather – Set Subject Competition

Due to a no show from the booked judge we were lucky to have amongst our members present two stalwarts of the judging community, and luckily neither of them had entered both the print and dpi section so we appreciated them standing in.

As usual part one was the prints and Norman Carey the judge.

Norman was keen to say that being true to the subject was very important to his judging and although there were some strong images a few of them he felt were not quite capturing the weather ‘happening’.

It was a strong line-up nonetheless, as Norman ended up holding 10 images from the first critique, which was roughly half of them. After more deliberations the final line up was;

  • 1st Peter Gafney
  • 2nd Marilyn Peddle
  • 3rd Tony Ward
Set Subject winner for prints - Peter Gafney
Set Subject winner for prints – Peter Gafney for ‘Frosty Holly horse’

After the break Peter Gafney took to the floor as judge, again he was very keen that the images should meet the brief. A similar number of images were forward, and Peter held 14 in the first instance – but obviously he had not had the opportunity to see the images prior to judging – I think this shows the advantage of judging prints as you can have a good look before the actual judging starts!

After narrowing the field down to 7 and then 5 the final positions were;

  • 1st Stephanie Selwyn
  • 2nd Judy Vowles
  • 3rd Eric Langley
Set Subject Winner for PDI's - Stephanie Selwyn LRPS
Set Subject Winner for PDI’s – Stephanie Selwyn LRPS for ‘Freezing Fog melting’

Many thanks to both judges for stepping in at a moments notice.

Rachel Cooper

I have been a club member for several years now and find I learn something whichever club event I attend. I enjoy the Studio Group evenings, but equally am happy photographing whatever the surroundings provide at home and out and about.

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