SAPA ‘Best of Year’

This event marks the end of the SAPA season and it was held, as is usual, at the BECC who were admirable hosts – also as usual.  Apart from the pleasure of having the opportunity to see some of the best images to be created within the SAPA community during the 2016-17 season, the writer also experienced the feeling of being ‘demob happy’, as this was the last SAPA event for which he was to represent BFCC as inter-club competition secretary.

Leo Rich motored down from Salisbury to be our judge for the evening and he was his usual perceptive and entertaining self as the evening kicked off with his assessment of the higher scoring twenty-four prints offered by the league’s twelve member clubs. The ‘Best of the Year’ competition is different from the other league events in that the winners are not clubs but individuals. Also it is a much welcomed event by some of us by virtue of the fact that it is the only occasion on which photographers’ homework is not marked out of ten. Instead, the judge gives a critique of each picture and, at the end, picks his favourite together with a second and third and a couple of commendeds. The winner this year was of a kingfisher by a member of the Ringwood club. A still life was placed second with a character study third.

After the break, a great opportunity to look carefully at the entries as well as to socialise, Leo gave his attention to the PDIs. The number of photographers successfully applying their skills to the production of wild life images seems to be as high, or higher, than usual. On this occasion 50% of the entire entry fell into this category. Against this background, we can feel especially pleased that Colin Cross (‘A little bird told me’) and Jean Bartett (‘Rain dance’) came second and third respectively. The winner, was a very powerful, action-packed and atmospheric image of motocross quad bikes.

An excellent evening attended by four members of the club – and two of them won (a total of) three draw prizes!

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