Revision to the 2017-18 Programme

The programme has had to be slightly revised to accommodate a Southern Federation DPI competition so there is now a revised programme to download.
As mentioned at the Chairman’s meeting there is also an .ics calendar file which you can download and integrate with your computer desktop calendar. Any changes like this revision, 7th September 2017, you will have to manually change the specific dates in your calendar. They are 27th Feb, 20th March and 24th April.

Marilyn Peddle

I have been interested in photography for a number of years, I dabbled a little in processing my own B&W images and slides in the 70′s but work and life took over. I then took it up again with the advent of digital images and I had a number of cameras in that time as the technology improved and now I have a Canon 7D with a selection of kit.

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