Mar 162017

Sorry for the late report, I was busy getting my exhibition entries ready and hoping that everyone else was busy doing the same!

With 27 prints and 21 dpi’s for judging, Peter gave us a comprehensive and diplomatic analysis of each image. In the print section a total of 3 10’s were awarded, however in the dpi’s only 1 image was worthy of the top mark.

There was an interesting range of subjects, as always, and I do like to see what people choose to photograph, I try to learn from the critiques of my own images but also learn from the comments given to other peoples’.

10’s – Malcolm Bowditch, Colin Cross, Ian Ferris
9.5’s – Stephanie Selwyn, Sally Chaloner, Malcolm Bowditch x2
9’s – Stephanie Selwyn, Rachel Cooper, Peter Watts

10 – Glynis Larter-Whitcher
9.5 – Jean Bartlett
9’s – Jean Bartlett x2, Pat Catley x2, Glynis Larter-Whitcher