Mike Read – Rocky Mountain Magic

Mike and his wife Liz attended the club and gave us a fascinating talk about their visits to the Rocky Mountain regions.

Although it sounded a lot like ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ the actual amount of wildlife that they saw, was so varied and interesting, there were many different habitats across the regions, which meant a diverse range of birds, small and large mammals and flora and fauna.

Slightly inspired by Ansel Adams, Mike had found some fine landscapes to photograph albeit presented in colour format, but stunning Aspen trees turning into autumn yellows would not have had the same impact in monochrome.

The elusive bears were also spotted, both the grizzly and black bears were with cubs, delightful photographs, definitely with the ‘ah’ factor.

I can understand why Mike and Liz have visited on more than one occasion, with mountains to explore and sulpher lakes to see (and smell!), rivers and lakes to traverse then add in the wildlife, which is by account not as skittish as our English versions, although I gather a bit more deadly (tales of Bison charging people, wolves being re-introduced, and the speed of an angry mother bear) it really may be a place to add to a ‘To Do’ list.

Rachel Cooper

I have been a club member for several years now and find I learn something whichever club event I attend. I enjoy the Studio Group evenings, but equally am happy photographing whatever the surroundings provide at home and out and about.

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