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Adrian Oliver

A more comprehensive synopsis will follow in due course. I live in Blandford, am married to Helen and we have two grown up sons, Nick & Matt, who are both currently away at University. I can't remember the exact date but I have been a member of the club for over 20 years, having been talked into it by Alf and Fred (A double act never to be repeated!) many of them as a commitee member and I also served two years as club Chairman. Due to other calls on my time these days, I no longer compete - but you never know, one day perhaps!

Christine Downes

Colin Cross

Photography is my hobby, passion and sometimes my salvation. There are times when I have to take pictures, almost a compulsion, but at other times, during problems at work, a couple of hours immersed in photography seems to put everything into perspective. I enjoy wildlife and whether spending days in the New Forest, or an hour with captive birds, really doesn't matter to me. It's getting a shot that pleases me that counts.

Cris Ablett

David Chaloner


Denise Halford

Eric Langley

I became very interested in photography back in the 1970’s after having started employement for a large photographic company. Learning to develop and print my own work and seeing the final result gives one a great buzz !!!!. I have been a member of BFCC for nearly 10 years I took up the post of Programme Secretary in 2008 which I enjoy doing very much.

Glynis Larter-whitcher

Howard Westlake

I have had an on-off interest in photography over the years fueled I guess my father who was very keen on slides and slides shows of his many travels. I remember well his show on ‘Photography is Fun’. Joined Blandford Forum Camera Club in February 2012 following a chance encounter and now compete in club competitions as well as selling photographs and also cards of my photographs and my wife’s paintings.

Jackie Poynter

Jayne Harris

Photography is a great escape for me, a hobby where I can easily lose hours both outdoors in the countryside and indoors in front of the computer! I don't have any particular skill with my photography, I enjoy shooting a whole range of subjects - some more successfully than others - but I do feel a draw to animals especially. I'd really like to shoot wildlife ... but the 5am starts put me off!! One day ... in the summer ... maybe I'll get my fox!

Jean Bartlett

John Rowland

John Savage

Kath Singleton

Ken Stevens

Before I retired, I was engineering manager in a brewery and soft drink factory and have been a member of BFCC for about fifteen years. I take and print photographs for the sheer pleasure of creating an image on paper. If I accidently take a good picture it's a bonus!!!!

Malcolm Bowditch

Marilyn Peddle

I have been interested in photography for a number of years, I dabbled a little in processing my own B&W images and slides in the 70′s but work and life took over. I then took it up again with the advent of digital images and I had a number of cameras in that time as the technology improved and now I have a Canon 7D with a selection of kit.

Maureen Langley

Micheal Bartlett

I have been interested in taking photographs ever since childhood, but only recently did I begin taking it more seriously. I am still very much an amateur photographer, purely shooting for the love of it, I don't have any particular skill with my photography, I enjoy shooting a whole range of subjects - some more successfully than others. i find it hard as i have asperger's

Norman Carey

Age - a little over 80.. Chairman, third time, and they still haven't chucked me out - in fact made me President. Enjoy modern digital work, surrealism preferred, better at Photoshop than the camera, but use both and print and mount all my own work. Have taught both professionally, and still do some of the Camera Club Courses. Organise annual exhibition for Club. Even audit the books....

Pam Woodhouse

Pat Catley

I have been playing at photography for quite a few years, but it was not until I joined the club in 2008 that I started to learn some of the more artistic nuances involved. I still get confused by some of the technicalities, but I am learning slowly and hopefully improving. My interest leans more towards ‘moody’ images and flora.


I took up photography in 2009 choosing a Canon 40d camera to work with. Photography is one of those hobbies that very quickly becomes a passion. I am still in the early learning stages and with the help of other members of the club I hope my photography is improving. I am now shooting with a Canon 5d. I have just started entering images into club competitions. I enjoy all types of photography but am still unsure what style of photography I will edge towards. See more of my Photos on my Flickr site

Paula Harmon

I am married with two teenage children. I have always enjoyed photography but only really been taking it seriously for three years. Apart from photography, I also enjoy writing, travelling and painting.

Peter Gafney

I moved to Dorset from Berkshire with my wife in late 2005 and have been a member of Blandford Forum Camera Club since 2006. Prior to that, I was a member of Bracknell and Yately Camera clubs in Berkshire and North Hampshire respectively. My LRPS was awarded after a City & Guilds course back in 1990. My first foray into photography came in 1948 at the age of eleven. When I was armed with a Box Brownie just one film and sent on my first school journey to the Isle of Wight. The resulting eight pictures much admired at least by my parents. Later, I was involved with my school photographic society, which taught me the rudiments of dark room work. My camera, was a dreadful 120 “Koroll Bencini” sold by Boots. After school, there was a very long period when, as a penniless student and then a young family man, I did no photography at all. Then In 1967, I went to work in Australia buying myself a Yashica rangefinder camera on the way. I was then hooked all over again. This camera was later changed for an Olympus OM 2n 35mm system, as well as a Rolleiflex and later still a Comprehensive Bronica SQA medium format kit. The historic Rollei eventually ended up in the Rollei museum. My work is now all digitally originated. I started to embrace the digital age in 1996 using the Olympus and Bronica film cameras digitising with scanners. Digital cameras were at this time blessed with pathetic performance and very high prices. Until I finally retired in 2005, work allowed me very little time for photography or learning Photoshop, (3 at the time). I now use Photoshop CS6 and am still learning. I enjoy portraiture, mainly studio, with, (preferably pretty), girls as models. However to date my models have ranged in age from children, Through to mid seventies.I was once privileged to photograph the late, great and totally manic Kenny Everett; this at breakneck speed, in a hastily improvised studio. Very difficult but very memorable. I also derive great personal satisfaction from the digital manipulation of images, but in such a way, that the end result is totally believable. If you can see the “join”, it is a failure. The remainder of my work tends to be anything that takes my fancy. In the last year or two, I have been doing a lot of monochrome work. Now that modern printers and papers are able to produce excellent results in Black and white. The game has changed entirely. I have now been a SAPA judge for several years, which gives me a lot of insight into other photographers work as well as seeding ideas for me. My immediate aims are to: Further improve my proficiency and become more imaginative with my imaging. These days, I use a Canon: EOS 50D camera, together with: 10-22, 17-85, 70-300 mm zoom lenses as well as a 50mm f2.8 macro lens. A Canon Pro 9500 provides the prints.

Rachel Cooper

I have been a club member for several years now and find I learn something whatever club event I attend. I enjoy the Studio Group evenings, and at home will photograph in the garden or when out and about with my woofers.

Ronnie Wellstead

Tony Ward

Having been used to video work for some years my interest in "proper" photography was rekindled when I was invited to see what Blandford Camera Club has to offer. I was delighted with the friendliness and diversity of the talks, demonstrations and quality of work from the members. Excellent work, chaps !