A Day’s Workshop To be held on 10th December 2017

A Day’s Workshop To be held on 10th December 2017 From 10.00 AM to 4.oo PM

Here are a few notes from Sue Sibley who will be leading the Workshop.

Laptops if you have one bring it along she will supply pictures to work on but you will need to bring along some of your own images to apply some of what you learn to your own work.

If you do not have a laptop you can watch someone else work and take notes, you will need to make notes in your own way.

She will supply notes but she finds people understand their own better she will supply worksheets if needed.

I will add more to this note at a later date .

The words that I am adding are Sue’s this will be an Intermediate session she is putting a lesson plan together which will give you a better understanding of layers.

For instance Texture layers , Adjustment Layers, and Composite layers she will bring a selection of layers for you to keep and she may set you a task of getting out and getting some for the day and see what you come up with.




Eric Langley

I became very interested in photography back in the 1970’s after having started employement for a large photographic company. Learning to develop and print my own work and seeing the final result gives one a great buzz !!!!. I have been a member of BFCC for nearly 14 years I took up the post of Programme Secretary in 2008 which I enjoy doing very much.

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