May 122017

We welcomed back popular speaker David Boag, and with his inimitable style we were taken through the concept of where being creative needs to start – in the camera – not the editing software.

We have all witnessed the technically perfect image being scored lower than one less technically correct, but as David pointed out being ‘perfect’ can be pretty boring and repetitive to the viewer. Being creative is what separates a good photograph from a captivating one.

As always we were shown many images of David’s, and given many tips to stay out of the ‘boring’ zone, he felt that wild animals need space to breathe and be free, we as photographers need to be persistent – stop making up excuses not to capture creatively.

It was also pointed out that these days with digital cameras, photography actually isn’t difficult, we need to get re-enthused, we know to use the rule of thirds, have a good foreground etc, but the first most creative decision we make is our choice of lens – don’t always use the typical lens for the type of image and to get you thinking before clicking the shutter take 3 different images of the same subject – a good way to practice being creative.

As anticipated a motivating evening, David is always exhausting to watch and listen to.

May 122017

Well here we are again at the final points cup competition of the camera club year. To kick the evening off the shields and certificates were awarded to the set subject ‘Weather’ winners. Print was won by Peter Gafney and the DPI’s Stephanie Selwyn.

As last month the number of prints was down to 15 entries and slightly more for the projected images 24. Our judge this month was Sue Sibley we had an idea what her judging style would be as she has given a talk at the club before. She took and artistic, detail and colour related stance to judging.

At the end of the evening the scores were added up for the whole season and cups were awarded to the overall winners in Colour prints, Mono Prints and DPI’s.

Final scores followed by overall winners in each section:
10 points – Sally Chaloner, Marilyn Peddle
9.5 points – Stephanie Selwyn, Marilyn Peddle

10 points – Glynis Larter-Whitcher x 2
9.5 points – Jean Bartlett, Glynis Larter-Whitcher, Eric Langley

Colour Prints

1st Ian Ferris with 57.5, 2nd Marilyn Peddle with 53.5, 3rd Stephanie Selwyn with 52.5

Points cup for Colour prints winner Ian Ferris.

Mono Prints

1st Marilyn Peddle with 54.5, Stephanie Selwyn with 53.5, Rachel Cooper with 51.5

Points cup for Monochrome prints winner Marilyn Peddle

Points cup for Monochrome prints winner Marilyn Peddle


1st Glynis Larter-Whitcher with 60, 2nd Jean Bartlett with 59.5, Pat Catley with 54

Points cup for DPI's winner Glynis Larter-Whitcher

Points cup for DPI’s winner Glynis Larter-Whitcher

Well done to all, get out and take lots of photos during the summer break ready for next season.
Stephanie Selwyn

Apr 272017

May 30th Tuesday

Tidy up Club After Exhibition

June 13th Tuesday

Garden Maintenance
6.30 PM Till 9.00 PM Approx
Bring along tools and rubbish bags please

June 7th Wednesday Social Evening (Skittles)

At The Old Ox Inn Shillingstone
7.00 PM For 7.30 PM
## Look at the menu for prices
The Skittles Evening Menu is available as   Adobe Acrobat document to read online or download to your computer

June 9 /10/11th Wimborne Folk Festival

Plenty of Photographic opportunity

July 11th Tuesday

Evening visit to Springhead Gardens, Fontmell Magna
£ 3.50 per head
Coffee and Tea will be available
#Bring your Camera and Tripod

July 18th Thursday

Garden Maintenance
Bring along tools and rubbish bags please
6.30 P.M till 9.PM Approx

July 23rd Sunday

Jurassic Coast Cruise
From Poole Quay to Dancing Ledge
Group booking 15 or more Adults £15.00 Per Head
Departs Between 11.30 and 12.00 Noon
## See Eric for Details Payment in Advance please

July 25th Tuesday Social evening

At The Club House Cheese and Wine
Bring your own Bottle
Food and Nibbles provided
** 7.00 P.M for 7.30 P.M

Items marked thus ## payment in advance
Items Marked ** numbers Required Please

There could be more Garden evenings subject to the growth of the Garden.

The BFCC Summer programme 2017 is also available as   Adobe Acrobat document to read online or download to your computer

Apr 272017

We welcomed Edward Parker back as our guest speaker, with a very different talk from last time – then it was all about trees, but on this occasion it was people.

Edward has led a varied life but currently is Trust Manager at Springhead Estate, hence his love of plants and trees. However, on this occasion we learnt a little about his life as a photo journlist, working on projects as diverse as WWF and Vogue. What we learnt is that both projects actually involve photographing people and the skill is how to do it in a way relevant to the ‘story’ being told.

Being a photojournalist is not without its hazards – whether it be trying to capture a model drinking cocktails, who is intent on consuming them prior to the shoot being over, or trying to photograph some stunning sand dunes being lit by some interesting side light – that actually turns out to be on some important border crossing and you and your pupils end up surrounded by armed police that only speak Spanish.

Back to the People & Portraits, composition is spoken about in any genre of photography and using 1/3’s is key to making a stronger image and allowing the foreground and background to blur out of focus also works in portraiture.

After seeing many images throughout the evening some posed, some candid and some reportage style, it became apparent that Edward has learnt the skill of dealing with the people as well as the photography, we were given many tips to try out according to the environment, whether it be too much sun or low light or poor backgrounds. And we were urged to be bold – ask interesting people if they mind be photographed. Essentially, we have no excuse for not giving it a go, difficult situations can be got around with a little bit of thought (although I may not try photographing where people are armed).

I think this was my favourite talk by Edward and hopefully I will retain some of his tips in my memory.

Eric took the opportunity to book us in for a visit to Springhead in the summer and Edward generously has offered to be on hand to help.

Apr 272017

As usually seems to happen this end of the season, entries were down slightly in the monthly points cup competition. Which on the one hand gives the judge a little more time on each image, but I do like to see full boards when we walk in.

Paul Thackery was our judge and with 17 prints forward he had time to give a good appraisal of each. In the projected section there were 22 entries so a comfortable evening of judging.

Final scores:

10 points – Sally Chaloner, Marilyn Peddle
9.5 points – Malcolm Bowditch, Sally Chaloner
9 points – Stephanie Selwyn, Rachel Cooper, Malcolm Bowditch

10 points – Jean Bartlett, Glynis Larter-Whitcher
9.5 points – Jean Bartlett, Glynis Larter-Whitcher
9 points – Jean Bartlett, Glynis Larter-Whitcher

I see a theme here!

Well done to all, all to play for next month!

Apr 172017

Fordingbridge Camera Club held their annual Fordingbridge Challenge competition on Wednesday 12th April. It comes at the end of our external competition season and rounds off the year very nicely.  The battle was between eight clubs which included two clubs from outside SAPA namely Beaulieu and Salisbury.

It was stipulated in the rules that the images for the challenge were to be of work not previously seen outside of our own clubs, again this made it more interesting, plus the fact the images were a larger dimension at 1920 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high and projected onto a very large screen.

The judge again as last year was Louis Rumis, who is a very entertaining speaker with an dry sense of humour. He mentioned at the beginning that judging has never been so difficult, quoting us an international competition where an  image was judged by three judges who could award points of 1-5, the division of marks they gave were 2,3 and 5 respectively, so it again it just goes to show it comes down to personal preference most of the time.

Louis moved through the judging swiftly holding back his favourite images and by half time we were doing very well. Of course we were hoping to bring the plate back to Blandford after winning last year but it was not to be and we only lost by one point to Wimborne Camera club at 72 points. We tied in 2nd place with Ringwood at 71 points so we did very well. We had a mixture of marks from 8 to one 10 which was awarded to Colin Cross for ‘Dawn Hunt’. This year Fordingbridge also presented a bottle of wine to the images which were the judge’s three favourites and these went to Blandford Forum Club, Salisbury Club and Fordingbridge Club. Colin’s ‘Dawn Hunt’ was one of them so a bottle of wine will be waiting for you Colin!

Three members from Blandford Camera club attended a very enjoyable night helped by the refreshments at the interval which included home made cake! We thank Fordingbridge for hosting this competition.

If you would like to see the marks from all the clubs follow the link to Fordingbridge Camera Club – Fordingbridge Challenge results