Eric Langley

I became very interested in photography back in the 1970’s after having started employement for a large photographic company. Learning to develop and print my own work and seeing the final result gives one a great buzz !!!!. I have been a member of BFCC for nearly 10 years I took up the post of Programme Secretary in 2008 which I enjoy doing very much.

Mar 082017

Just a reminder to members that if you wish to enter the Annual Exhibition that all Prints and DPI’s to be in the Club House by  Tuesday 14th March 2017 between 7.00PM and 9 00PM. Open entries last hand in date is by 31st March.

Jul 232016


2016/2017 Programme

To all Blandford Forum Camera Club Members.

My New 2016/2017 Club Programme is now on the Website for you to download and print.

Eric Langley

Programme Secretary


Sep 242015

Members Work Appreciation Evening

It has been decided that due to the lack of participation on these evenings we are going to trial a different format ie:

Bring along one untouched print which will be put under the light box for critique also bring along a couple of spares.

With PDI’s Put one on a memory stick and a couple of spares these will be put on the screen for all to see.

Please note we will not be using Laptops .

Any questions regarding this post you can ask any committee member and they will explain the format.

With this format everybody can see the image and not just groups around a table.